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Shareholders structure

Information of special interest to Connect Group shareholders is published on these pages.

Connect Group shares

Shareholders' Equity

Origin Name Number Issued Declared total %
Equity 26,754,062 26,359,853 98.53 %

Detail Equity: 26,754,062

Shareholder Name Number Declared(*) %
Huub Baren BVBA** 26,359,853 98.53 %
Other below reporting threshold 394,209 1.47 %
Total 26,754,062 100 %

* Shareholders holding 3% or more need to declare their interests

** + companies controlled by Huub Baren

Financial Service

The financial services on Connect Group shares are provided by KBC bank. Please contact your local KBC Bank for financial transactions regarding the Connect Group.


The Connect Group doesn’t pursue any strictly defined dividend policy. The company wants to conserve cash resources and remain flexible enough to be able to take advantage of internal and external expansion opportunities. To date no dividends were paid.